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Watch This: Christina Aguilera Drops ANOTHER New ‘Mulan’ Track

She dropped the only track that really matters. Buckle up!

Two weeks ago, Christina Aguilera dropped a music video for a brand spankin’ new track for the Mulan live-action reboot movie, which is hitting Disney+ on September 4. The song, Loyal Brave True, was a stunning rendition and a reminder that Christina Aguilera is one of the greatest pop vocalists of her generation. But it also served the added effect of functionally being an amuse-bouche for the confirmed, but not-yet-released re-recording of Christina Aguilera’s 1998 ‘Reflection,’ a song that was released with the original, animated Mulan, that defined a generation of children and teens who had big, deep feelings about who they were inside. It is, quite frankly, the most important Mulan track, and I have been so ready to hear it in 2020.

For weeks, I have waited for the new rendition of the song to drop, ready to be transported back to 1998, a time when anything felt possible and my biggest life problem was whether or not my mom would let me get McDonalds on my way home from school. And my patient waiting has finally been rewarded. This morning, Disney Music and Christina Aguilera dropped a brand new, updated music video for the classic song that was released 22 whole years ago — and, dear reader, it rocks. 

The stripped down music video is super similar to the music video to Loyal, Brave, True, featuring Christina in a beautiful dress sitting on a reflective ground, with interspersed, not-before-seen cuts of the Mulan movie. Christina’s chops are on fire as ever, and she sings the song like it’s water. I have already listened to it five times. I am so ready for this movie.

Mulan drops on Disney+ for $30 on September 4.