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Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Christina Aguilera’s New ‘Mulan’ Music Video

Oh my god oh my god oh my god

It might as well be 1998 in here, because somehow, Christina Aguilera has released a hit single for the Mulan movie. While technically it’s a reboot of the original animated film that was released 22 years ago (yikes!) the new single is giving us serious throwback vibes. Or, okay, it’s giving me serious throwback vibes of being 5 years old and singing Reflection while standing over my pool and pretending I was an adult with adult feelings. Which I was not. 

But now, I am! And with the brand new Mulan single, Loyal Brave True, sung by Christina Aguilera, one of the absolute queens of pop, as well as a hot new music video released for the track, and the news that she’ll also be re-releasing a new version of Reflections — the very same, original emo-pop song that made me feel 5-year-old feelings — and it feels like we’re in the Y2K era again. Oh, what a simpler time.

It also has the added effect of getting me super pumped for the Mulan reboot, which will be, unlike other Disney+ live action remakes, not a frame-for-frame recreation of the original animated film. Instead, the director, Niki Caro (who also directed Aguilera’s music video) has made some major changes — like getting rid of the musical numbers, Mulan’s romantic relationship with her superior, and Mushu.

The music video, for the record, is fabulous, and Aguilera’s chops are as legit as ever. But I’ll be holding my breath for the Reflections re-make, and if I’m lucky enough, a modern music video to go along with it. Still, the video is enough to get me pretty hype about the movie, which will be released for streaming on Disney+ for $30 on September 4.