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Chrissy Teigen’s Hot Takes on Pooping Infants Are Strong

Every parent has a good poop story


Poop stories, we all have ’em. Whether yours revolves around your toddler’s Defcon-level 5 dookie that defied the laws of physics or that time you grabbed a submarine bath toy out of the tub that definitely was not a submarine bath toy, they’re real and they’re hilarious.  Chrissy Teigen, author, model, mother, and wife of Father of the Year Honoree John Legend, seems to know this a well as any parent after she got on Twitter to explain her toddlers’ strange number two ritual. And, as it turns out, her post was very relatable to many of her followers. 

Hiding-while-pooping is my favorite thing about toddlers,” said Teigen as she went on to explain how her daughter religiously barricades herself in a kind of poop quarantine prior to using the potty. As is the case with most adults who are going to the bathroom, Teigen explains that during this time “you may not look at or speak to her.”

It turns out that Teigen’s post was more than just a little bit relatable. Parents from all over started replying to Teigen’s tweet with their own poop chronicles. Here are some of our favorite responses.