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Chrissy Teigen’s Dad Has a Bizarre Reaction To John Legend’s Emmy Nominations

It would be kind of legendary if he just let this ride and never explained anything about it to anyone, ever.

Flickr Creative Commons ABC

When Chrissy Teigen learned that her husband John Legend had scored an Emmy nomination for his performance in Jesus Christ Superstar, she was undoubtedly excited for him. The two have a rather playful relationship, in which Teigen can regularly be seen clowning Legend on social media, but there were no jokes to be made this time. It was all hype, well, until she decided to text her father about it and got the most mysterious, subdued, and random dad response of all time. 

“John got two Emmy nominations for Jesus Christ [Superstar],” Teigen texted her father, “He will probably get the EGOT!” 

The accomplishment seems pretty lost on her dad as he simply replied with the sentence “Don’t have any blank thumb drives but got this,” and a picture of a 32 gigabyte SD card. Why? That’s a really great question. 

To no avail, Teigen followed up with “Did you see my text?”

Her dad has yet to respond, so the mystery is still up in the air. Will he ever know what the EGOT is? Does he know already? Is this some strange form of social commentary? The world may never know. Hilariously enough, a fan who had bought a bottle of John Legend’s wine tweeted at Teigen asking for the SD Card and naturally, she obliged. 

Fortunately, while all of this is very random, it doesn’t take away from the accomplishment. The EGOT is a pretty huge deal. When a person gets the EGOT it means that they’ve won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award. It’s just so hard to be that awesome. Not even 15 people have gotten it done it in the past.