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Chrissy Teigen Got Her Kids a Hamster and She Can’t Stop Losing It

"It's very confusing being a hamster mom."


There’s a new member of the Legend-Teigen family: a hamster named Peanut Butter. And while Chrissy Teigen originally thought their new pet was a good idea, things went downhill fast according to a series of hilarious tweets.

“Luna and I bought a hamster today,” Teigen posted on Sunday. “Her name is peanut butter. John is not thrilled, which makes me love her more.”

But the 33-year-old mom of two quickly learned that taking care of Peanut Butter might be more difficult than expected. “They told us we can feed her anything. My mom said ‘rice?’ And they go ‘no, not rice,'” she tweeted, before adding, “They also said ‘don’t really touch her for a week. Then touch her a lot or she’ll bite you’ it’s very confusing, being a hamster mom.”

And once Teigen and two-year-old Luna got their new furry friend home, chaos ensued. After briefly losing Peanut Butter (“I just went to take a picture of her and I honestly can’t find her”), the Lip Sync Battle host shared a clip of the hamster frantically gnawing at the cage, captioning it, “Is this normal?”

Two days have passed since Peanut Butter’s first day in her new home—and she’s already gotten lost multiple times. The most recent disappearance has proven to be the most worrisome. Taking to Twitter for advice, Teigen posted an update this morning, “we are doing your peanut butter on a plate trick to find peanut butter. I swear to god if other critters come out of the woodwork for it, john will vomit and die.”

Fans are loving the play-by-play. Teigen’s original tweet has garnered over 161,000 likes so far as users follow the Peanut Butter saga.