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Chrissy Teigen Trolled the Entire Emmys Just By Sitting in the Audience

This is how everyone felt.

Twitter / @ditzkoff

At the start of the Emmys on Monday, during hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che’s opening monologue, the crowd was awkwardly silent and internally not sure how to react. The SNL Weekend Update hosts weren’t impeded by the desk they normally sat behind and riffed on topics like #MeToo, the police, Roseanne and the diversity of the Emmys. During one specific joke, model and overall Internet icon Chrissy Teigen’s poker-face slipped.

Michael Che was congratulating Roseanne’s Laurie Metcalf on her nomination for Supporting Actress in a Comedy. “That’s incredible,” Che said. “You know how great an actress you have to be to get nominated for Roseanne now? That’s like nominating a cop for a B.E.T. Award. Doesn’t happen. It would be weird.”

Although that joke did get some laughs, the queen of viral memes did what everyone at home was thinking and visibly cringed, but of course, that happened at the exact moment the cameras chose to cut to her. She tried to duck and physically squirm out of the frame unsuccessfully, which—outside of that epic proposal—was the best moment of the Emmys.

Teigen has become the only celebrity who actually reacts normally at award shows. She first went viral in 2015 for her awkward crying face at the Golden Globes after her husband, John Legend, won an award for his song “Glory” in Selma. Legend, who also attended the 2018 Emmys, just reached EGOT status.

After she noticed that she went viral, Teigen retweeted her latest meme and then later tweeted “man. you guys are brutal.” She even took some time to clapback at a user who bodyshamed her and asked if she was pregnant again.

Chrissy’s tell-it-like-it-is tweets and new meme just proves that Teigen should be at all award shows. Or maybe, better yet, she’ll host instead of Jost and Che.