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Chrissy Teigen Roasted John Legend on Twitter for Spending Too Much Time Away From His Kids

Twitter's funniest celeb couple is at it again.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

“‘Hi’ – your kids.” That’s what Chrissy Teigen posted in response to one of husband John Legend’s tweets over the weekend. When Legend, who is currently on his “A Legendary Christmas” tour, tweeted about his upcoming events on Saturday evening, the mom of two couldn’t resist taking a lighthearted jab at him for not spending more time with kids Luna and Miles during the holidays.

Good-humored Twitter shaming is nothing new for the couple, who are famous for their hilarious banter back and forth on social media (remember when she roasted him with Arthur memes?). And what made Teigen’s latest tweet especially funny is the fact that she and Legend have often talked about how dads are rarely criticized for their parenting and how moms receive the brunt of the blame.

Twitter is loving the 32-year-old’s response, too, which has gotten almost 8,800 likes already. Some of the best comments (besides the ones that feature Arthur GIFs) include “Boy, that escalated quickly” and “Savage – love, all moms.”

And Saturday’s tweet wasn’t even the supermodel-turned-cookbook-author’s first roast of Legend last weekend. When Macy’s promoted the singer, who performed during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Teigen quickly clapped back with her own sassy post, saying “SOMEONE HAD TO STAY HOME AND COOK FOR OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY.”

However, “cooking” might have been an exaggeration. Later that day, Teigen uploaded a series of Instagram Stories showing her and daughter Luna, 2, making pies for Thanksgiving. The end result? A photo of a badly burnt creation hilariously captioned, “In case you are wondering why I didn’t put my finished pie on my instastory…” Seems like Dad didn’t miss much in terms of dessert!