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Chrissy Teigen Slams Troll Who Says to Post Bikini Photos Instead of Her Kids

She wasn't about to let them get away with it.


Chrissy Teigen has a reputation on social media for shutting down trolls. So when the former supermodel received an especially inappropriate comment on a recent post telling her to only post photos of her in a swimsuit, she quickly fired back.

It all began on Thursday when Teigen shared a video on Instagram of daughter Luna’s reaction to getting her first big-girl bed. In the video, Teigen and husband John Legend, who also have nine-month-old son Miles together, help the sassy two-year-old set up her new bed.

While many people gushed over Teigen’s daughter, there was one troll who wasn’t so impressed. The user chimed in, “Bikini pics only, you were a model nobody cares about your kids.”

Teigen was not having it. The 33-year-old responded, “Yeah well now that I’ve had kids you don’t want to see me in a bikini so it’s quite the dilemma.”

And fans applauded—and defended—the mom of two for her snarky reaction, which has received over 33,000 likes and 2,000 follow-up comments. “Best clapback ever. Her kids are the fucking cutest things ever also,” wrote one user, while another added, “Literally everyone wants to see your kids. They’re the best part of Instagram.”

Even Teigen’s husband, John Legend, admires the way his wife stands up for herself and her family. In a 2018 interview with Vogue, the R&B singer said, “[Teigen’s] candid. I think her candor is what’s so appealing – and makes her distinct from other celebrities people pay attention to. She tells it like it is.”

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