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Chrissy Teigen Had a Pizza Party With Her Son Miles and How Do We Get Invited?

She's clearly passed her foodie genes onto her son.


It seems like it’s always a party at the Teigen/Legend household, and we’re wondering whether our invite just got lost in the mail. This week, Chrissy Teigen shared an adorable photo of her one-year-old son Miles Theodore enjoying a delicious piece of pizza.

The 33-year-old model, host, and cookbook author captioned the post: “Pizza party!” Miles is clearly enjoying himself immensely, as evidenced by his giant smile and half-devoured slice in his band. Honestly, so relatable. The post has over 540,000 likes (and counting) and tons of comments pointing out how dang adorable this whole situation is. One even joked about how much Miles resembles his dad, John Legend, by saying: “John’s really enjoying pizza night.”

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Pizza party!

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Teigen also recently shared foodie moments with her three-year-old daughter, Luna. “Making candy bars or the first and last time ever,” she captioned a video of Luna creating her masterpiece. Clearly, it was a labor of love, because Teigen followed it up with a photo of her and her daughter looking accomplished yet exhausted. The famous mom also appears to have chocolate stains all over her pants. Also relatable.

“I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty,” she wrote in the caption. “But yeah I an never doing this again.”

The mother has clearly passed down her foodie genes onto her two kids. Between the pizza party and homemade chocolate, it’s safe to say that Luna and Miles are absolutely living out every child’s dreams right now. How do we snag an invite next time?