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Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Secret for Limiting Her Kids’ Screen Time

"We are not those people that are like 'no screen time!'"


Ah, screens. It seems like only yesterday they were the epitome of modern convenience rather than a time-sucking trap that controls our every move. For parents, they still prove to be bit of both; it’s the one way you can get your kids to sit still for five minutes, but every parenting magazine preaches the dangers of screens. Chrissy Teigen, cool mom and ultimate clap-back queen, has shared her trick for limiting screen time, and it’s actually super simple.

In an interview with Harpar’s Bazaar, Teigen is asked how she handles screen time when it comes to her two children, three-year-old Luna and one-year-old Miles. “Luna will beg to use my phone, like beg, in bed because there’s an app she loves,” she says, “But there are certain situations, like when you’re on a plane or in a restaurant, where goddammit, it’s going to help those surrounding us. We are not those people that are like no screen time!” 

The solution, according to Teigen, is to “be a master of distraction.” “If you can get through a minute of that screaming and begging while you think of something else like an art project, a book or stickers, they forget they even wanted it in the first place,” the model and Bring the Funny host says. “You have to get super amped about something else and they will match that excitement, and that’s how you deal with it.”

Sounds simple enough, especially given that kids are often easily distracted. Thanks, Chrissy!