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Chrissy Teigen Uses Pixar ‘Cars’ Hero To Trick Her Kids Into Eating

Sure it's a lie, but it's worth it.


There are many areas of parenting that tend to be universally challenging. Getting our kids to eat anything healthy is one of them. The only way to get through it is to try everything at our disposal, even if that means some creative thinking. Chrissy Teigen recently shared how she’s able to get her kids to eat when they don’t want to and it’s pretty inventive.

The model, cookbook author, and pregnant mom of two has always been good about sharing hacks that she’s discovered make her life easier. Her latest share is maybe a touch questionable, if you’re strict about not lying to your kids ever for any reason, but it’s mostly hilarious.

“I love when kids are beyond obsessed with something. It makes life so much easier,” Chrissy tweeted on August 24. “I just tell miles to eat his lunch because it’s lightning mcqueen’s favorite and he does it. He does whatever lightning mcqueen says, always.”

Chrissy harnesses the power of Disney/Pixar and its super lovable characters to encourage her 2-year-old son to eat his food.

It’s a trick that works, too. Not just for Chrissy, but other parents took to Twitter to share that they, too, have found this hack to be very useful.

“this was my little brother to a tee,” a woman shared. “We could get him to do anything if he thought Lightning McQueen would do it. Cherish these moments, they grow up so fast & u never know how long u have, as my brother passed away this year in a car accident. thanks for reminding me of this”

An aunt shared that her niece hit a milestone thanks to Disney as well, but the villains. “My niece was potty trained on the premise that only Disney villains poop their pants,” she wrote.

Another aunt shared her secrets to getting her nephew to eat fruit that had been frozen. She utilized the powers of Elsa from Frozen in her hack. She wrote, “got my nephew to eat frozen blueberries because they are of course ‘Elsa Berries’ who else freezes blueberries but Elsa? It’s been 4 years he’s a big boy now & we still call them ‘Elsa Berries'”

Give it a try – we bet it works for your kids, too.