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Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Calls Out New Dad John Legend on

Teigen is just so damn quick with the sick burns.


It’s been well documented that Chrissy Teigen has jokes for days — and, as is evidenced by her constant prodding of him on social media, a very playful relationship with her husband John Legend. While she always messes with him, her recent post-partum jab may take the cake. Having just given birth to her second child last week, Teigen took the opportunity to troll him on Twitter during his red carpet appearance at the Billboard Music Awards just a few days later.

As she recovered from childbirth at home, Teigen was watching Legend give an interview in Las Vegas where he was asked about his new son, at which point she seemed to cheekily embody the parent-shamers who just can’t seem to leave her alone on social media. “Wow didn’t u just have a baby John smh go take care of it !!!!!! disgusting,” she Tweeted at Legend, with obvious sarcasm.

The kicker was that she also shared a picture of both her and her new son Miles watching Legend give the interview from their home. Not to mention, there was a picture of Miles on the screen next to the live stream of Legend as well. Legend acknowledged his wife’s Tweet with a short mia culpa. “True True,” he Tweeted back. The whole thing was more than a little meta.


What amazing proof that a second child hasn’t blunted Teigen’s sense of humor at all. How could it really?

She once took a sarcastic shot at her husband for stealing all the phone chargers.

Then there was this very solid poop take.

Or, there was also her hilarious response to social media trolls asking her “Did you give your kid a food with red wine in it?”

Though Teigen has already released several cookbooks, we’re thinking she should get into the parenting game. Might we suggest A New Parents Guide to Brilliant Clap-backs?