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Chrissy Teigen Charged Her Daughter $20 for Her Pretend Meal and Luna Was Not Having It

"Oh dear. They really do hear everything."


Chrissy Teigen‘s kids strike again as some of the cutest celebrity children of all time. A recent Instagram video posted by Teigen shows her daughter Luna adorably playing in a pretend “restaurant”…but the three-year-old wasn’t too happy with the prices.

The first video shows Luna serving her grandmother, who asks for something “spicy” and is promptly shut down by her granddaughter because duh, they don’t serve that kind of food. She even tells her to “go down the street” if she wants to find something spicy.

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In the second clip, Teigen sits inside the “restaurant” with her one-year-old son Miles, and this time, Luna is the customer. She orders wine, orange juice, and water to drink (respect), along with a salmon and salad. Her mother happily “prepares” the feast, but when she tells Luna what it’ll cost, it doesn’t go over too well.

“That’ll be $20,” Teigen says after making calculations on a toy cash register. Luna’s reply couldn’t possibly be better: “What the???” the three-year-old retorts. Teigen erupts into laughter at the hilariously adult-like response, and captioned the video with: “Oh dear. They really do hear everything.”

Clearly, Luna has a mature palate, further evidenced by Teigen’s follow-up post. The model and author shared a photo of Luna and Miles perched on a picnic blanket with the caption: “She wanted a very fancy picnic, the kind Ursula would have if she were young? Whatever that means.”

Hopefully that picnic was less pricy than the salmon, otherwise Luna will surely have some choice words for her mom.