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Chris Pratt Keeps Trying and Failing to Impress His Son

No one actually wins a cool guy contest against Jeff Goldblum.

The Graham Norton Show/Youtube

Most parents get at least a little smidge of satisfaction when their kids are impressed by their jobs (no matter how mundane they may be). But A-list actor and leading man Chris Pratt doesn’t know that warm and fuzzy feeling. He may be a part-time velociraptor tamer and full-time space pirate, but his five-year-old son absolutely does not give a damn, during a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show Pratt let the audience know just how unimpressed his son actually is with him. Spoiler: Very.

Pratt explained how, after a recent trip to Universal Studios, his son ended up saying that he met “the real Owen,” referring to Pratt’s character in the Jurassic franchise. As it turns out, the five-year-old saw a park employee dressed as Owen and immediately assumed that his dad, the famous person, was actually the imitator. Hilariously, Pratt’s explanation came right after his Jurassic World 2 co-star Jeff Goldblum got done explaining how his son diligently imitates his catchphrases.

“He really couldn’t care less,” said Pratt, emoting mournfully.

Still, as Graham Norton pointed out, Pratt’s son might not be totally wrong about the park employee being the real Owen. Unlike Pratt, who gets to bounce around from role to role, the guy at the park just has to act like Owen almost every single day.