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Chris Hemsworth Shares Why He Keeps His Kids Out of the Spotlight

Hemsworth is still a dad before everything.


When you and each of your siblings happen to be famous actors, the notion that you could ever successfully separate family from the spotlight seems impossible. Yet, in a recent interview, actor Chris Hemsworth broke down how fatherhood and the life of an A-list actor have prompted him to keep his family and children as far out of the spotlight as he can.

Besides playing Thor in the MCU and looking like he was carved out of marble, Chris Hemsworth is pretty well known for posting funny pictures and video of himself messing around with his three kids and wife Elsa Pataky. While he’s been offered the chance to turn these moments into something that would propel his career forward, he elects not to.

“The exploitation is something I’m very wary of…We’ve been offered things, like ‘Advertise such-and-such and have dinner with your family,'” Hemsworth said. “There’s no way.”

Moreover, Hemsworth likes to keep the posts of his kids fewer and further between. And, when he does make posts of his kids, he usually will hide their faces. During the interview with GQ, Hemsworth even recalled feeling ready to smash a paparazzi camera as they photographed his son changing and running naked on a beach.

Despite the fact that his fame follows him everywhere he goes no matter what, he still makes time to do some regular old dad stuff. He recently participated in an event at his daughter’s school called the “Running of the Dads.” While it’s unclear if he used his god-like physique to leave all the other dad’s in the dust, Hemsworth did admit to getting very emotional when he had to leave the event to go work.

“I wasn’t, like, sobbing, but…” he said.