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Chris Hemsworth Shared a Hilarious Video of His Three Kids Falling While Riding Scooters

Hemsworth quipped that it's just because the three of them "are so in tune with one another."

@chrishemsworth Instagram

Actor Chris Hemsworth is best known for his acclaimed role as Thor in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe and having biceps the size of a normal person’s head. But a slightly less publicized aspect of  his persona is the hilarious videos he posts of his home life. A recent one posted to Instagram shows all three of his children zipping around the corner on their scooters and basically wiping out unison.

“My kids are so in tune with one another they even synchronize their crashes,” he wrote in the video caption before tagging his wife Elsa Pataky.

What’s funny about the whole thing is that they don’t seem to be going too fast. It looks more like the three of them just weren’t aware of the fact that their scooters were treading towards the grass on the roadside. The first two come around the corner, and just when it looks like they’ll ride away, the speed wobbles hit and they fall. The third, and presumably the youngest, didn’t even get their three-wheeled scooter around the corner but suffered a similar fate nonetheless.

Despite the post, Hemsworth is still notoriously private when it comes to his kids. Yeah, he’s not above posting a silly video of a family dance off. And, he seemed almost proud of his son Tristan for climbing to get to the chocolate on top of their fridge. But still, he almost never shows their faces on his social media accounts out of concern for their privacy. Fortunately, you don’t need faces to make three kids in a synchronized, but non-threatening scooter crash funny as hell.