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Even Chris Hemsworth Thinks Those First Two Thor Movies Kinda Sucked

He says he was "underwhelmed."


With Avengers: Endgame set to be released next week, Marvel star Chris Hemsworth is opening up about his experience as Thor throughout the years—most notably, that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with his first two films in the franchise.

“That was no fault of any director or writer, that was me personally,” Hemsworth explained of Thor (2011) and sequel Thor: The Dark World (2013), in an interview with Yahoo News. “It felt like I’d put myself in a box with what the character could do.”

He went on to say that going into production for the third movie, Thor: Ragnorak which was released in 2017, “I was sort of exhausted of what I’d been doing and a little sort of underwhelmed by what I was putting out there.”

With Taika Waititi directing the latest film, Hemsworth said it was “liberating” and “freeing” and that “it was all about breaking the rules.” And his renewed passion paid off big time, with Thor: Ragnorak becoming his highest-grossing solo Marvel film, raking in $854 million in the global box office.

So what’s next for Thor? As his contract with Marvel Cinematic Universe allegedly expires with Endgame, Hemsworth’s future in the franchise is as unknown as the ending to the final Avengers flick. So far, there’s yet to be any news of whether he will continue as Thor or move onto other projects.

There have been, however, rumors of a Thor 4. And during a recent interview with MovieWeb, Hemsworth said, “I’d play this character for as long as anyone would let me. I’ve loved it so much… Who knows what the future holds and whether they do prequels and sequels or whatever, I’d be open to anything.”