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The Best Halloween Trick Involves Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

The days worrying about razor blades in your kid’s candied apples on Halloween are over. Not only is that more of an urban legend than a threat, your kid may not eat apples even under the guise of candy. But now your kid has something much scarier to worry about: the vegetable that smells like grandma’s house.

Earlier this week, your kid’s least favorite neighbor, a guy named Mark Spencer, tweeted out the ultimate trick masked as a treat: Chocolate covered brussels sprouts. After the homemade prank went viral with nearly 10,000 retweets and 12,000 favorites so far, the British journalist clarified that it was a joke and no chocolate (or children) were harmed during the making of that tweet.


If you insist on being a monster this Halloween, here’s a YouTube video to help you make them, as well as a recipe for marinated brussels sprouts with a chocolate cayenne sauce — for the toddler that’s also a foodie. But if you thought your fellow parents were flying too close to the sun with broccoli zucchini brownies, try these common sense tips for managing your kid’s sugar consumption instead. It’ll be much easier to follow these than it will be to convince a pack of tiny Harley Quinns to stop hating you.