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Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Celebrated a Major Milestone for Their One-Year-Old Son

"It was a good day!"


The first years of your baby’s life are chock-full of important moments. No matter who you are, you want to be there to witness every milestone and celebrate them. HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines remain a symbol of relatable parenthood with their sweet post commemorating their son’s first steps.

The big moment happened to take place during one-year-old Crew’s birthday, so the family had many reasons to celebrate. Chip Gaines pulled a proud dad moment by sharing a sweet photo of his now-mobile son walking toward him with outstretched arms. “Little Crew took his 1st steps today…It was a good day!” he wrote in the caption.

Joanna Gaines shared more snaps of the one-year-old’s nautical-themed birthday celebrations, complete with aesthetically-pleasing decor (obviously) and an adorable cake smash photo of Crew. “Ok I promise this is the last round of Crew’s bday photos (for today 😉),” Gaines wrote on Instagram. “I just can’t get over the fact that he is ONE and I also just really love his squishy legs.”

With five children (Drake, 14, Ella Rose, 13, Emmie Kay, 9, and Duke, 10, and Crew) Chip and Joanna Gaines are no strangers to this milestone. So, it’s nice to see they still get so excited to celebrate their little ones’ successes in such a big way. And of course, the Gaines’ fans love seeing what their family is up to. “Please don’t stop sharing! ” one fan wrote on Joanna’s Instagram photos of Crew’s birthday. “Seeing that cute boy just makes my day sweeter!!”