Chinese​ Father and Son Stop Farming To Create Huge DIY Transformers

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A farmer and his son in China have taken “up-cycling” to new heights, turning scrap auto parts into giant replicas of Autobots and Decepticons and selling them to property developers who use them as attractions at new malls. Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun began building the robots in 2007, when the first Transformers movie was released. Since then, the films have become a phenomenon in the country, with last year’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction the highest-grossing movie in Chinese history.

While it’s unlikely the success of the movies is rooted in the same nostalgia that drives their popularity in the west (it’s unlikely Chinese kids in the 80s saw many Optimus Primes laying around), Chinese enthusiasm for the things are as intense as a Michael Bay-directed action sequence.

China Photo Press

The Yus charge upwards of one million yuan (about $160,000) for their creations, giving new credence to that old Chinese maxim, “One man’s trash is another man’s Transformer.”

China Photo Press


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