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Two Children Were Killed After Stolen Police Car Crashes Into Their Car

Less than a month removed from the mass shooting, Dayton once again experienced a horrific tragedy.


Tragedy has once again struck Dayton, Ohio, as a stolen police car crashed into two cars last night, resulting in nine injuries and the death of two children. The crash occurred outside of the Dayton Public Library at approximately 7:22 PM.

According to police, the person driving the stolen police car was the suspect in a stabbing incident that took place earlier in the night. After the stabbing, the suspect fled the scene and eventually crashed their own car into a tree. When police came to investigate the crash, the suspect stole the police officers’ vehicle and fled at a high speed, eventually crashing into two cars carrying 11 people total, including seven children.

The victims were taken to the hospital and while most of the passengers only suffered minor injuries, three of the children faced life-threatening injuries, resulting in the two of their deaths.

This tragic accident took place just weeks after a shooter in Dayton killed nine people and wounded 17 others.

Police have yet to identify the suspect who caused the crash but have confirmed that they were also injured and are currently being treated in the hospital for their injuries. Tiffany Hamiel witnessed the crash and said watching the crash unfold was horrific.

“I was terrified,” Hamiel told the Dayton Dailey News. “There were car parts flying all over the street.”

Denorris Hopgood also was there during the crash and he says he did what he could to help the kids.

“I jumped out and did my best to get as many children out of the van as I could,” he told WHIO-TV.