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Child Behavior Experts Agree That Donald Trump Is Basically A Teenage Bully

When it comes to kids, America has made amazing strides to combat bullying. But when it comes to politicians, acting like a bully can propel you the top of presidential polls. The Daily Beast asked 2 child behavior experts to assess Donald Trump’s behavior towards his fellow candidates for the Republican nomination, and both found that he traits with verbally abusive teenage girls. Maybe that explains his obsession with his hair?

“He’s being rewarded in exactly the way he wants to be,” said Rosalind Wiseman, an educator and author of the book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which was turned into the movie Mean Girls. “Usually people mature. They see what they’re doing, they see their part in it—but he’s like an eighth-grade girl that never sees his part in it.” Naomi Drew, author of No Kidding About Bullying, had a similar take, though she did Trump favor of not suggesting he might be into braided pigtails. He’s “acting like [a] high school football player swaggering into the cafeteria and overturning the lunch tray of a weaker kid,” Drew said.

If Trump is the bully, does that mean Americans are the rest of the school caught in his evil grip? At least he hasn’t started shaking everyone down for their lunch money. Unless, of course, you’ve donated to his campaign.