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Child Asks Santa for Better Work-Life Balance for Her Family

All she wants for Christmas is time with her dad.


A 10-year-old girl wrote a letter to Santa asking him to change her dad’s work shift so that he can spend Christmas with her and her family. Explaining that she’s been “okay” this year, Zadora Matias of Springfield, Mass. told Santa that there’s only one thing she really wants: two extra hours with her father.

“I want very little things for Christmas,” she wrote in the letter that her grandmother shared with WWLP. “But out of all the things you bring me, I would want one of them to come true, and the only people that can grant my wish is you and my dad’s boss.”

Her request came after dad David, who works at the Indian Orchard post office, found out that he would have to go into work at 4:30 p.m. on Christmas instead of his usual 6:30 p.m. The change cuts into the already-limited time David will have with Zadora and the rest of her family on the holiday.

David’s struggle is something most working parents are familiar with, as they try to achieve the perfect work-life balance. And it’s something the United States is historically bad at, ranking 32 out of 36 countries in OECD’s Better Life Index, judged on factors like hours worked per week and parental leave.

As for little Zadora’s wish, she hopes Santa can make it come true—so much so that she’s willing to let Santa skip her house. Apparently, time with her dad around the holidays is all she wants, saying, “He would be so happy. And when he is happy I’m happy.”