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‘Chicken Run’ Sequel is Coming To Netflix To Save Us All

Thank god.

DreamWorks Pictures

Twenty years after the original Chicken Run entertained adults and children alike, a long-awaited sequel to the classic claymation film is finally coming for audiences, but instead of hitting theaters, it’s going straight to Netflix. In an Incredibles-like comeback, Aardman Studios — the team behind the original Chicken Run as well as Wallace and Grommit, the team behind the original film deliberated for decades over what a potential sequel to the classic hit film could look like, and finally found it, per original director Peter Lord.

“We’ve got the perfect story… I feel now we can make the Chicken Run sequel we want to, the one we really care about.” For those who don’t remember the first film — it has been a while — Chicken Run is about a group of chickens about to be slaughtered on a chicken farm who are trying to escape their fate. An American rooster, Rocky, accidentally crashes on the farm, and then helps teach all of the chickens how to fly to escape while falling in love with Ginger, a female chicken. 

The sequel is a generational story: while the chickens in Chicken Run managed to escape the farm and actually live on their own, human-free island, the daughter of Rocky and Ginger, Molly, starts to feel cooped up (no pun intended.) At the same time, threats begin to establish themselves on the island, and Ginger must corral the troops once again. According to Sam Fell (who directed Paranorman) the film is like a gang of chickens meets Mission Impossible. In any case, it sounds like a rollicking good time — and hopefully it manages to capture some of the magic of the original film. Filming will tentatively begin early next year — assuming the world doesn’t end by then.