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Your Dirty House Might Be Making Your Kid Fat

According to EPA estimates, children ingest about 50 milligrams of dust a day. That news might be confusing because, according to your estimates, your house was a lot cleaner before you had kids. While it may not be a full bunny’s worth, it’s not something you want them eating for reasons that go beyond the disgustingly obvious. According to the eggheads at Duke University, your filthy home is making your kids overweight. Sort of.

The study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, looked how the chemicals in dust activate the PPARgamma receptor. This is a nuclear receptor found in human cells that, if activated during early development, could be a key factor in causing obesity. Of the 25 dust samples collected from homes, offices, and gyms, more than half (15 total) activated the receptor and 28 of 30 semi-volatile compounds found in dust were found to be “weak or moderate PPArgamma agonists.” What the hell does that mean? Well, if there is a fat switch in your kid’s body, it’s possible that your less than immaculate home is flipping it on.


Flickr / alan jones

Take this information with a grain of dust because no Hoover-mouthed kids were directly tested in the data. However, the initial results do point to the fact you need to clean up your act. You can get your kids to help out (after all, they made this mess). Oh, but  they could ingest even more dust. What cruel irony!  F it — just invest in a Braava Jet and let that thing get fat.

[H/T] Futurity