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One Of The World’s Top Chefs Wants To Open A New Restaurant In Your Kid’s School Cafeteria

Even if you have fond memories of the grumpy old lady serving your school slop … er … lunch, you probably knew that the nutritional value of said slop was marginal at best. Now that your own kid has their own grumpy old lady and slop, rest assured that very little has changed. And Daniel Giusti, the former chef-de-cuisine at Noma in Copenhagen wants to change that. Why do you care? Because Noma has been named the “Best Restaurant In The World” 4 times by Restaurant magazine.

Giusti’s plan to upgrade the National School Lunch program starts with Brigaid, a food service startup looking to create full working kitchens in schools, complete with actual chefs making actual food. The lunch lady, in case you’re wondering, is just nuking food that was prepared elsewhere. Giusti’s chefs would rework the menu daily, with an eye on nutritional standards and seasonal ingredients. There’s only one small hurdle: the government’s budget, which is currently at $3.07 per plate. At Noma, Giusti could charge upwards of $800.


Actually, there’s another minor hurdle: school lunch programs are a political battleground on par with immigration at this point. Hell, the First Lady has her own school lunch renovation gameplan, and even she hasn’t made much of a dent. But Giusti is famous for leaving one of the country’s top chef positions in 2011 to take an unpaid internship at Noma, so clearly he has the stones to mix it up with government bureaucracy. Also, given that the National School Lunch program considers pizza a vegetable, it’s not like things can get much worse.

[H/T]: Washington Post