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This Cheez-Its and Wine Pairing Brings Glamour to Snack Time

What a time to be alive.

The Kellogg Company

Who says that Cheez-Its can’t be classy? By some kind of summer miracle, Cheez-Its and winemaker House Wine have debuted a two-in-one box that includes both the beloved snack and a house red wine. And honestly, we couldn’t be more excited. The idea is a delightfully high/low take on the classic pairing of wine and cheese, and makes it super accessible (and convenient) for customers to enjoy.

According to a press release, the wine has been specifically selected to compliment the cheesy cracker. The house red is made from cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes, and the blend has a “red currant aroma” with notes of “juicy red fruit.” I’m no wine expert, but that sounds awesome. And paired with the classic Cheddar crunch of Cheez-Its, it’s sure to be superbly delicious. House Wine’s winemaker Hal Landvoigt even said that he worked diligently to find the perfect wine for the box, looking for “combinations that complement the real cheese found in each flavor of Cheez-It to make the perfect pairing.”

People are, understandably, freaking out over the announcement on social media. “Starting the week you’ll be able to buy a box of cheez-its that comes with a box of wine. It’s lowbrow and I love it,” said one Twitter user. “Who says prayers aren’t answered?” said another.

The brilliant pairing will be available online starting on July 25 and can be yours for just $25. Take it to a picnic, or a friend’s move night, or hell, just buy it for yourself for a wild Saturday night in.