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Cheetos Mac ’n Cheese Is Seriously Cheesy, Seriously Happening

Unfortunately, it's not called Mac 'n Cheetos.

It sounds like something a college kid might dream up after a long night at the bars, but Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese is, we can assure you, very real. Rejoice!

The mind-bending innovation in snack food was inspired by DIY versions dreamed up by members of the “Cheetos cult,” an online community of people who create their own Cheetos recipes. We just call them heroes.

Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese will come in three flavors—don’t worry, one of them is Flamin’ Hot. The others are Bold & Cheesy, which looks to be the flavor of a standard Cheeto, and Cheesy Jalapeño. All three will come in both classic boxed containers and microwaveable cups with peel-off lids in single- and dozen-packs. They’ll also be cheap, at less than a dollar a box.

At least one Instagrammer seems to have gotten their hands on these already, but Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese is officially slated to hit Walmart shelves on August 8. There are even product pages for the different flavors in different quantities on the store’s website, though you can’t actually place an order for them just yet.

PepsiCo is also suggesting folks top their Cheetos pasta treat with crumbled up Cheetos a la the toasted breadcrumbs that often top homemade mac and cheese. They’ve called this combination “cruncheamy” and started the #cheetosmachack hashtag to promote the pairing, but let’s be honest: the kind of people who are going to buy this product were probably going to do this anyways.