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Study Shows There’s One Cheese That Could Make You Live Longer

flickr / Chris Buecheler

While research concludes that cheese is crack for kids (and parents if they share), you can probably call off that dairy intervention. The good news is a recent study published in the journal of Nature Medicine found that cheeses containing the compound spermidine might help increase life span. The bad news is that it’s mostly in blue cheese, and your kid may not be a fan of that yet — no matter what their smell suggests.

When researchers gave some mice water with spermidine in it, they discovered the mice had lower blood pressure, better heart function, and repeatedly outlived mice in the control group who were given water. This trend remained even when the mice’s blood pressure was intentionally raised through a high salt (aka delicious) diet. Since you’re not a mouse, they had 800 humans answer dietary questionnaires as well, which showed that people with a high spermidine diet had reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and a 40 percent lower risk of heart failure. Seeing that this adds to the growing body of research linking spermidine to longevity of life, it’s time to teach your toddler their next word: Charcuterie.

It’s okay if your kid is only interested in the bathing stereotypes side of French culture. That just means more blue cheese for you, and there are plenty of other spermidine-rich foods your kid can eat instead — pears, meat, leafy greens, green peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes, to name a few. As you might have suspected from the name, spermidine is also found in sperm, but don’t share that fun fact with your spouse. That’s not gonna help your life span at all.

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