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Cheerleading Dads Go Viral In Support of Cheerleading Daughters

It's already been broughten.

The only necessary response to anyone repeating the asinine argument that cheerleading isn’t “a real sport” is then you try it, dude (the people making this argument are always dudes). A group of New Jersey dads have become the latest Facebook viral video sensation for doing just that, staging a pretty damn impressive rah-rah routine to show their support for their athlete daughters.

The Linden-Boro Chargers Cheerleading Facebook page shared the video, recorded March 1 during a cheer competition at Timber Creek Regional High School in Sicklerville, New Jersey. In it, a group of 20 dads of Linden-Boro Chargers Cheerleading team members stomp, cartwheel, lift, and leap their way through a two-and-a-half minute routine that leaves the crowd roaring.

I’d wager the dads were most pleased to have impressed their daughters: “They killed it on the mat,” squad coach Rachel Amato told FOX29 Philadelphia. “They were amazing, we couldn’t be more proud of them.”

We usually wait till the end of the season to post videos but since everyone is asking 🙃It’s time we share the best performance of the day⚡️ Way to go Daddy Bolts ❤️ You were all awesome ⚡️ #DaddyBolts #Cheerdads #ChargerStrong #Cheerlife #Lindenboro #Girldad #hadthewholestandsontheirfeet #Weareproudofyou #doingitforthekids #cantwaituntilthenextperformance #theyhitzero #havethepinstoproveit #spiritextreme #bestfacials

Posted by Linden-Boro Chargers Cheerleading on Sunday, March 1, 2020

The group of guys—who’ve dubbed themselves the Daddy Bolts—reportedly came together at the suggestion of one of their daughters’ coaches, but what at first seemed like a fun way to support the girls became something more: in experiencing their own team bonding—and discovering that cheerleading is hard as hell—the dads gained an even greater understanding of their kids’ abilities.

“I definitely have a new profound respect for my daughters with practicing and going out onto the mat and doing this,” Daddy Bolt Jason Shafer told a reporter with NBC Philadelphia. “[They] are doing incredible things out here.”

The Daddy Bolts plan to reunite for another routine next year, and more power to them: a lot of guys would view cheerleading as “girls’ stuff,” but these dads have stepped up to put the lie to that—and probably made some young women very proud of their papas in the bargain.

As a dad of a budding gymnast myself, I say you go, guys—even if I won’t be joining them on the mat anytime soon. I know my body. You could say that if I loved my daughter I’d learn to do a cartwheel, but it’s because I love my daughter so much that I will never attempt one. She needs me alive.