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Check Out These Celebrity Dads Celebrate the Fourth of July on Instagram

A lot of celebrity dads seemed to take it easy on the red white and blue paraphernalia and just got into being outside.

Instagram @WillSmith

Though it’s slowly been getting hotter for months now, the Fourth of July still feels like the ultimate start to Summer. Every kind of activity and celebration is on the table. Wanna go hit the beach? Makes sense.  An epic camping trip? Good idea. Maybe just sitting around grilling an assortment of meats and vegetables is more your speed. Well, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t doing that in some capacity. Still, no matter who you are, the fourth of July is a good reason to just sit down for a day and just soak up the fact that we all live in the same country and are. at a bare minimum, somewhat happy about. The Fourth is definitely a holiday for every kind of person, so it shouldn’t be a shocker that every kind of celebrity took to social media in celebration of America’s 242nd birthday.

No surprises here, but DJ Khaled spent the Fourth in a hot tub.

Singer John Legend just had a new baby with his wife Chrissy Teigen, so per usual, little else is important.

My little Miles

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Okay, so David Beckham isn’t American at all, but who would have guessed that he and his wife’s anniversary would remain the same as American Independence Day.

Speaking of Independence Day, Will Smith celebrated with some nostalgia and a clever joke.

You’re Welcome, America!

A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on

Ludacris came through with some fireworks for his whole neighborhood.

Marky Mark with a very calm, collected and slightly conservative Fourth of July blessing.

Happy 4th of July! ????????????????????????

A post shared by Mark Wahlberg (@markwahlberg) on

The Rock taking shots for America from Hong Kong!

And finally, Jason Momoa doing something that it looks like he would do every day, but this time, for the fourth of July.