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Channing Tatum’s Halloween Costume? A Hilariously Half-Assed Unicorn

At it hit all the right notes.

By all accounts, Channing Tatum seems to be a dad who’s not afraid to get a little weird — in the best way. This weekend, the actor and his wife Jenna Dewan held a Halloween party for their 4-year-old daughter Everly and he dressed as a majestic purple unicorn, complete with a rainbow-striped horn. He was also holding a small pumpkin because it’s Halloween and sometimes a dad has to hold a pumpkin at his daughter’s birthday party.

Unsurprisingly, Tatum looked pretty great dressed up as the mythical equestrian beast and he pulled it off so well you almost don’t notice the fact that the bottom half of Tatum’s costume is just gray sweatpants. Maybe he was dressed as Athleisure the semi-active dragon but it seems more likely he just didn’t want to wear whatever pants were involved. In an official costume party, Tatum might lose points for this apparent half-assed attempt to finish a costume but as a dad, could not be more appropriate. Plus, if Tatum had gone all-out on his costume he may have stolen some of the spotlight from Everly, which any dad knows is not the way to go.


From Neil Patrick Harris as the Riddler or Patton Oswalt as Dr. Octopus, getting to see the biggest celebrities in the world dress up in slightly ridiculous and extremely badass costumes for their kids is a time-honored Halloween tradition. And hopefully, this is one tradition that Tatum will get to enjoy with his wife and daughter for years to come. Sweatpants optional.