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Channing Tatum Dedicated His First Kids’ Book To His Daughter

"The most brilliant magical being that I have ever known"


The One and Only Sparkella is Channing Tatum‘s first effort at writing a children’s book, so it’s only natural that he chose to dedicate the tome to his six-year-old daughter Everly.

“To Everly, the most brilliant magical being that I have ever known,” the actor writes in the book’s dedication, according to People. “You are my greatest teacher.”

“My only wish is for more time in this life to play in all of the magical realms we have created,” he continues. “This is also for all Dads that might have a little girl … Wear whatever, dance however, and be as magical as you can. Because I promise they will return the love.”

The book is about a young girl named Ella whose love of sparkly things like glittery ribbons and disco-ball shoes attracts negative attention from the other kids on the first day of school. Her dad encourages her to continue dressing as she pleases, so the message of the book — kids should embrace what makes them individuals — is told through their relationship.

A quick review of Tatum’s Instagram heavily implies that Everly, like Sparkella, is the kind of kid who likes bright colors, shiny things, and being herself.

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Unicorns do exist.

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And just like Sparkella’s dad, Tatum has taken the opportunity to encourage his daughter’s expressiveness.

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Onesies pimp walk

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The book was illustrated by Kim Barnes, an illustrator based on the Isle of Wight who specializes in creating images for children. It will be released in May of 2021 and is slated to be the first in a series. Just like his daughter, it looks like Tatum is just getting started. You can pre-order Channing Tatum’s book below.

Channing Tatum wrote this one for his daughter!