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Celine Dion Singing Baby Shark Is Perfect in Every Way

We can't stop listening.

The Late Late Show/YouTube

If there’s anyone who could turn “Baby Shark” into a power ballad, it would be Celine Dion. Which is exactly what the 51-year-old singer did on the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

“I feel like there’s no song on Earth that you couldn’t make dramatic,” Corden challenged Dion as they drove around Las Vegas on Monday’s segment of The Late Late Show. When she agreed, Corden asked if she knew “Baby Shark,” the viral children’s song by Pink Fong which the late-night host sarcastically described as “difficult to pick up.”

But despite never having heard “Baby Shark,” Dion launched into a dramatic acapella remix of the catchy tune. She even threw in a few of her signature chest bumps for good measure per Corden’s request.

Dion isn’t the first celebrity to cover the earworm, which debuted at Number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 list back in January. John Legend previously performed a jazzy rendition that involved a five-piece mariachi band while DJ Jauz wowed crowds at Coachella with a bass-thumping EDM remix. There are also plenty of other versions, including a holiday one and an R&B one.

However, according to Corden, Dion’s take may be one of the best so far. “That is an incredible version of ‘Baby Shark’ that I don’t think anyone will ever forget,” he gushed after she finished singing.

And other people agree, with Monday’s clip already receiving nearly 10 million views on YouTube as fans praise both Dion’s talent and personality. “It’s refreshing to view a celebrity who is unpretentious and simply living in the moment,” commented one person. “Bravo Celine, for unabashedly embracing your ‘inner weirdo’ that most of us keep hidden.”