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Celebrities Read Texts From Their Moms on ‘Jimmy Kimmel

There's no text like a mom text.

Youtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live

In honor of Mother’s Day,  Jimmy Kimmel once again asked a group of people to read texts from their mothers. While last year he asked his staff do it, this year he invited such celebrities as Anna Faris, Kristen Bell, Patton Oswalt, and Jack McBrayer to read their texts from “the women who baked us.” They did not dissapoint. 

Actress Anna Faris went first and her most recent text from her mom was filled with praise, some light criticism wrapped up in more praise, and finally a totally random health concern that feels completely unrelated to whatever she said before.

“My dear Ani, I hope this doesn’t wake you,” the text marked 3:34 AM read. “As you know we truly believe you are the greatest actress of your generation. We do someday hope that you will transition into dramatic work. I also woke up because I am worried you are not wearing enough sunscreen and taking the B-12 I got you from a Costco. I hope this doesn’t wake you. Please give Allison Janney our love and congratulations. No one deserves the Oscar more than her.”

Actor Jack McBrayer’s text was a little darker, but still pretty hilarious. He opened by explaining that every year he buys his mom a special Christmas ornament for her tree. He did the same this year, but she proceeded to text him a picture of it with a rather morbid caption.

“Thank you Jack! Hope you live long enough to see it in person.”

It’s hard to tell what that really means, but it’s equally hard to shake that strange feeling that your mom knows something about the future that you don’t. That said, the rest of that conversation probably panned out interestingly. You can check out the entire clip below: