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A 10-Year-Old Fan Wants to Mow Donald Trump’s Lawn. The President Should Let Him.

A 10-year-old boy wrote a letter to Trump asking if he could mow his lawn. This is something that needs to happen.

Last week, the Trump administration once again became the center of controversy when White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders began a press briefing not by discussing certain pressing governmental issues, but by reading a letter from a 9-year-old boy nicknamed Pickle. In the letter, Pickle proclaimed his love for Donald Trump and wondered why people are mean to him. Many felt it was a cheap, political tactic to try and garner public sympathy, with some even questioning the authenticity of the letter (in their defense, Pickle sounds like a name someone would make up on the spot).

Now, a second letter has come in, this one from a 10-year-old named Frank who offered to mow the White House Lawn. Once again, people are annoyed by this, calling this new tactic “gross” and some are still convinced these kids are entirely made up.

But instead of fighting over the authenticity of the letters or what new issues the letters are meant to distract us from, why don’t we all agree that Frank should be allowed to mow the White House Lawn? Seriously, why not? This entire situation has almost laughably low stakes, so what is the harm in Trump inviting this kid to come over to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and earn a little spending money? In his response, Trump invited Frank to spend a morning with the White House groundskeeper. Isn’t this a scenario we all want to see played out?

There’s nothing political going on here. Sure, Trump is trying to get people to like him with the help of kids, but every politician in the history of politics has done that. And, so far, Trump hasn’t used these kids to further his agenda in any way, he just is using the letters for a slight ego boost. Donald Trump has done many terrible and unprecedented things during his time as President, but this isn’t one of them. So let’s drop the animosity for one second and get behind the idea of Frank getting to live out his very strange dream of doing chores for the President of the United States.

Plus, there is even historical precedent for Presidents using unconventional tactics when it comes to maintaining the White House lawn. During World War I, Woodrow Wilson bought a flock of 48 sheep to cut the grass as a cost-cutting measure to show his commitment to the war. Wilson then sold the wool for $52,823 at an auction and donated the money to the Red Cross. Trump may lack the foresight and leadership of Wilson, but he does have a child willing to mow his lawn. And if Americans can’t agree that this adorable idea should become a reality, then we probably can’t agree on anything.