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Cardi B’s First Child, Kulture, Has Been Born: Here’s What to Know

Instagram @IAmCardiB

Rapper Cardi B has had one hell of a week. Shortly after her song “I Like It,” reached number one on the Billboard Top 100 Chart—making her the only female rapper to do this twice, let alone in the same year— she and rapper Offset announced the birth of their first child via a rather lavish Instagram post. The post saw Cardi nude, surrounded by flowers, and in the thick of her third trimester,  so naturally, the whole thing was flawless. The caption revealed her daughter’s birth name, Kulture, and confirmed that the baby was born this Tuesday.  

Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18???????? @offsetyrn

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

Because the internet is often callously unforgiving for literally no reason,  Cardi and Offset had initially tried to keep the pregnancy a secret, but she ultimately couldn’t avoid telling the world once she really started showing and decided to make the announcement earlier this year during her performance on Saturday Night Live.  

As it turns out, Offset was the one who actually chose to name the baby Kulture. Uncoincidentally, the rap group Migos —of which Offset is a member— have two albums with the word “culture,” in the title: Culture and Culture II. While that may ring as a bit egotistical, it’s way more tasteful than you might think. Culture is a statement, a mantra even. Naming the albums Culture is as much a brag as it is a statement about the groups initially quiet, but eventually groundbreaking influence. Culture is often shifting in a cool and subtle silence right up until the point where its massive social ramifications begin to unfold.

Migos totally shifted the axis of the rap game and really really really popularized trap music, which was initially treated as too brazen to escape the upper levels of the fringe. Something that’s meant to symbolize being unique and undermining ridiculous societal standards on your own terms is hardly the worst thing to name a kid after.  Good on Cardi and Offset.