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Cardi B Won’t Be Hiring a Nanny (For Now)

The rapper and mom said that she is hoping to "learn how to be a mom."

Getty Images

Earlier this month, hip-hop megastar Cardi B officially joined the parenting club when she gave birth to her daughter Kulture. Now, just a little over a week later, Cardi took to her Instagram and shocked people by announcing that she would not be hiring a nanny, at least for now.

Considering the high cost of childcare in America, it’s not uncommon for parents to both keep working even after they have kids. Of course, given the success of her music career, Cardi could clearly afford to hire a small army of nannies to watch after Kulture, but the rapper and new mom insists that she wants to spend as much time with her daughter as she can. So Cardi is currently planning to not hire a nanny so that she can immediately head back to work, instead opting to spend some real quality time bonding with her newborn.

“I just want to learn how to be a mom,” she explained in the video. “I want to enjoy every single second of it since I’m going back to work.”

But just because Cardi isn’t hiring a nanny, doesn’t mean she is raising this baby entirely on her own. She has her husband Offset and, according to the video, Cardi has been getting support from her family since giving birth. Cardi mentions her mom and dad being around and helping out with the baby, along with her sister, who Cardi says has not left her side since Kulture was born.

“I’m a very blessed person. I know y’all see all the blessings that God be giving me in my life, but one thing is that I’ve been blessed since birth,” Cardi B said. “I’ve been blessed since I came out of my mom’s vagina because of my parents. Those are my biggest blessings, and I’m so thankful and I’m so grateful for them.”