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Cardi B Is Trying to Protect Her Baby Kulture’s Identity

Art is imitating life. Cardi B’s privacy has been invaded.


Rapper and new mom Cardi B went on  Instagram live with some strong words about the paparazzi who snapped some photos of her daughter in early October. Cardi B was on a balcony in Miami with her baby and another woman when the photos were taken without Cardi B’s knowledge.

Cardi B’s life has changed dramatically in the past year and a half. Last November, she dropped her first single “Bodak Yellow” and instantly became one of the top rappers. In April, she revealed she was pregnant with her first child during her first performance on Saturday Night Live and in July, she gave birth to Kulture.

The rapper has talked about how much she loves being a mother. “This is what I’ve been missing my whole life,” Cardi B told Jimmy Kimmel while on his show. She hopes to have three to four children in total someday, but she told Kimmel that she doesn’t want to show Kulture to the world yet.

She certainly isn’t shy about many aspects about her life on social media, but Cardi has kept Kulture from the public eye. The rapper has taken close-up pictures of her daughter’s hands, but an exclusive photoshoot with People is not in her future. Her stance on her child’s privacy became even more clear in her Instagram live video.

“I really want to protect my baby’s identity until I’m mentally ready,” Cardi B said in the video, which was posted by TMZ. “I know I’m going to have to show her, but let me do it when I want to do it.”

The paparazzi did not give her that chance, because they sold the photos to TMZ and other outlets. The rapper admits that she knew her privacy was going to be taken away because she was famous, but that doesn’t mean her daughter has to lose hers as well.

Cardi’s view on a child’s privacy falls in line with what some other parents believe.

One group, Child Rescue Coalition, is advocating to get naked photos of babies and children taken down from social media, because sometimes those images can become fodder for pedophiles. Other parents just simply don’t want to post photos or share moments from their child’s life, so that when the children get on social media themselves someday they won’t have to cope with seeing their entire lives on social media. They’ll get to start fresh. Kulture won’t get that, but at least she might be able to live some of her life away from the world’s cameras.