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Cardi B Hits Back At Parent Shamers After Grammy’s WAP Performance

"Stop expecting me to raise your kids."


Cardi B is done with the criticism from parent-shamers, and she’s letting everyone know. She had an incredible year, topped off with a much-talked-about performance of “WAP” at this year’s Grammy Awards, but still, her controversial (and not-kid friendly!) song still keeps getting her into needless hot water.

On March 14, 2021, 28-year-old Cardi was all over the headlines after her performance, along with Megan Thee Stallion, for their mega-hit son “WAP.” Anyone who has seen the video and listened to the lyrics knows that it’s a fun song — but it’s definitely it’s a song for grown-ups only. It’s super obvious, but apparently not for everyone because the parent shamers keep coming out in full force to shame them for the song.

Any time a woman is on television, and there’s even a hint of sexuality, people go bananas. So it’s easy to imagine why those same people were all in a bunch after the Grammy performance. Criticism came from everywhere – all over social media and directly from Fox News on the Tucker Carlson show, featuring Candace Owens.

On that segment, Owens took aim at Cardi B, calling her song and the performance “an attack on American values, American traditions.” She went further to accuse Megan and Cardi of “actively trying to make children aspire to things that are grotesque.”

Those are strong words. And Cardi was having none of it. The superstar quoted the clip on Twitter (it’s since been deleted) and wrote, “Yaaaayyyyyyy WE MADE FOX NEWS GUYS !!! Wap wap wap.” She went on to add, “Matter fact I’m just going to thank Candy (Owens) She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales.” Adding, “STREAM UP AND WAP.REMEMBER GROWN PARENTS ONLY YOU CAN MONITOR WHAT YOUR KIDS WATCH NO1 ELSE.”

And you know what? She’s right. She’s very right. It’s not her responsibility to keep tabs on what other people’s kids are watching. She’s not a babysitter! She’s a musician.

She has been honest in saying she doesn’t let her 2-year-old Kulture listen to her song or even most of her music, because it is explicit, with adult themes. And the most annoying part might be that no one ever comes at men who for make music that isn’t kid-friendly all the time, either. If we’d hazard a guess, it has something to do with the fact that she’s a woman (and a mom).

And most recently, she defended her decision to not let her kid listen to her music when an Instagram user asked Cardi why she doesn’t allow Kulture to listen to her music.

“But how is this she empowering women with her music but doesn’t let her daughter listen? Don’t you wanna empower your daughter also??” the commenter wrote, talking about the video Cardi posted of her turning the song “WAP” off when her toddler walks into the room.

“I don’t make music for kids I make music for adults,” Cardi hit back. “Parents are responsible on what their children listen too or see… I’m a very sexual person but not around my child just like every other parent should be.”

Adding, “My daughter doesn’t need to listen to music to be empowered neither should your children. The only way to empower your kids is by talking to them, boost their confidence and making sure they get a good education. I never ever said that WAP was made to empower women, I’m just a freaky person and this is not the first sex song ever made. Stop expecting celebs to raise your kids.”

Yes, Cardi! If you don’t like the music, don’t listen. If you’re offended by the video, don’t watch. She’s not on the planet to make you feel comfortable. Period.