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Cardi B’s New Baby Shark Video Is Actually Fantastic

Meet the new Mommy Shark.

Instagram / iamcardib

Kids aren’t the only ones dancing along to “Baby Shark” these days. In an Instagram video posted on Thursday, rapper Cardi B struts down her poolside patio to the beat of the viral children’s song.

“Mommy shark doo doo doo,” Cardi lip syncs at the end of the “runway.” The 26-year-old, wearing a neon green bodysuit with black leather pants, then strikes a pose before blowing a kiss at the camera.

Last week, Cardi revealed on Twitter that her six-month-old daughter Kulture, who she gave birth to in July with Offset, “likes the whole baby shark mixtape.”

Kulture isn’t alone in her obsession with “Baby Shark.” The song, created by Korean company Pinkfong, first went viral in June 2016 and now has over two billion views on YouTube, making it making it one of the top 30 most-watched videos in the history of the site. It’s even inspired countless remixes and covers from a variety of genres, including a Christmas version and an R&B cover that has been viewed over nine million times.

And not only did the tune debut at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 List for the week ending January 12, but its creators recently announced that there will soon be a Baby Shark-themed Netflix series.

For now, though, fans are loving Cardi B’s version, which already has over 9.3 million views on Instagram. “Only you could turn this into a runway song!” commented one user while another said, “Omg I’m dead.”

But one of the best responses? “New name for Cardi: #mamashark.”