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Captain America Might Be Leaving Marvel to Run For Office IRL

The beloved Marvel star met with Senator Tina Smith to talk about political issues.

If Captain America does leave the Avengers in the upcoming Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame his next gig might also earn him the title of “Captain America.” Or maybe, Senator America? Chris Evans might be poised to embark upon a political career following multiple meetings with U.S. senators.

On Thursday, Senator Tina Smith, of Minnesota, posted a photo to Twitter of her and Chris Evans. The caption read: “You may know this guy as Captain America or Johnny Storm. I decided to just call him Chris. Today, @ChrisEvans and I talked about issues that are important to our government, Minnesotans, and all Americans.”

Tina Smith, a Democrat took the Senate seat that was previously held by Al Franken after his resignation Previous to that, she was the Lt. Governor of Minnesota. Like Evans, Smith’s views are humanitarian, particularly in regard to regard to issues like school shootings and immigrant children being separated from their families. In August of last year, she was among 17 senators who directly petitioned the Department of Homeland Security to reunite migrant children with their families.

In addition to meeting with Senator Smith, Evans also met with Senator Lisa Murkowski,  a Republican senator for Alaska. In terms of a voting record, Murkowski is considered to be a moderate Republican. Notably, she was one of very few Republicans who opposed the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It is unknown at this time if Chris Evans is planning on running for U.S. Senate or any other public office. But, because he is meeting with multiple U.S. Senators, something is definitely going on.

If Evans did run for any kind of office, the chances of him winning seem very, very high. Could these meetings be the beginning of what results in Captain America becoming the President of the United States within the next 10-15 years? If so, you read it here first.