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Genius Canadian Girl Guide Sells Cookies to People In Line to Buy Weed

Economics 101 = Stoners be snackin'.

Sean Childs

When Elina Childs saw long lines forming outside of a cannabis dispensary in Edmonton, Alberta, the nine-year-old Girl Guide (Canadian Girl Scout) had the brilliant idea to set up shop and flip her Girl Guide cookies right there.

It’s an idea that is as simple as it is brilliant. Taking what your client wants to them rather than making them come to get it from you is a sound enough business model and, lo and behold, Childs sold about $120 worth of the cookies in less than an hour. Wonder why?

Clearly, Childs understands the game boils down to the unbreakable bond between spliffs and sweets. After all, it’s certainly no secret that being stoned often leaves you more in love with food than air, so people who are preparing to get zooted to the moon may want to bring some delicious treats along for the ride.  It’s doubly clever because cannabis was just legalized in Canada and it’s less likely that hordes of her Girl Guide sistren would go gunning right for this demographic.  As one Twitter user pointed out, it’s kind of ironic that the news about Childs broke when it did given the fact that it’s actually small business week in the US.

More than a few Twitter users chimed in to praise the girl for making such a smart play.

Interestingly, Childs father also wanted to use the experience to teach his daughter about stereotypes.

While Childs deserves credit for her entrepreneurial spirit, this isn’t the first time someone has used the potency of weed to sell cookies. Just this February one San Diego Girl Scout sold over 300 boxes of her cookies outside of a local dispensary in just under six hours.