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Super Canadian Dad Builds His Kids a Massive Ice Ship

This pushed Winter fun to a whole new level.

In Canada, regular snow forts seem pretty pedestrian — like something to build for fun in April. That may be why uber-Canadian dad Donnie White from Red Deer, Alberta has made a tradition of building his children massive forts sculpted from ice every year. The 2018 Donnie White special? An entire ship on his front lawn. White reports that the sculpture took about three weeks to build and weighs in at a little over six tons. As if that wasn’t enough, White equipped the vessel with a slide that snakes from the deck across his suburban front lawn.

For the past three Winter’s White has built his kids, not a ship, but a snow castle using ice-bricks gathered by neighbors from a nearby pond. This is the first year he’s elected to switch things up because, well, he got bored. White enlisted help gathering the ice bricks from a nearby pond in what he described as an effort to make winter “really magical” for his children. Not that White is boasting. He insists that “if you can do any sort of construction at all” than this sort of building is incredibly easy (just use snow as mortar and you’re good to go). After dark, blue lights meant to mimic the ocean can be seen glistening through the translucent ice on the small lawn while a homemade sail flies proudly.

White’s neighbors, who look forward to the annual spectacle, are already asking White what his plans are for next year, but he’s keeping it tight-lipped. He did, however, let it slip that the “kids are really pushing for a train.”