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Son of Governor Steals Spotlight By Crashing the Stage During Dad’s Speech

This is the only good political moment in recent memory.


Earlier this week, Gavin Newsom was sworn in as the newest Governor of California and his gubernatorial tenure got off to a heart-warming and hilarious start when his two-year-old son sleepily walked on stage as his dad was delivering his inaugural address. A video shows Newsom delivering his speech when suddenly his son Dutch walks onto the stage in hopes of getting some quality time with his old man. Without missing a beat, Newsom grabbed his son and continued with his remarks as the entire audience could be heard laughing.

After a brief period in his dad’s arms, Dutch appears to be ready to return to the rest of his family and Newsom lets his son go. However, Dutch, seemingly overwhelmed and slightly groggy, decides he would rather stay on stage and takes refuge behind his dad’s podium. As Newsom continues to give his speech like a seasoned pro, his wife Jennifer tries to coax their son off the stage but he ignores her plea. Dutch’s older brother Hunter then gives it a try but the toddler still refuses. Finally, Jennifer is able to get a hold of her son and carries him off stage as the audience cheers him on.

“He’s a very rambunctious little boy, very cute,” Governor Newsom’s aunt Franza told CBS Los Angeles. “And I thought Gavin handled it very beautifully.”

We fully agree with Franza that Dutch is adorable and in this increasingly fraught and divided political climate, the toddler storming the stage to steal the spotlight during his dad’s speech is the most heart-warming political moment in recent memory.