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California Fertility Clinic Sued After Losing Thousands of Embryos and Eggs

The loss affected more than 50 California couples.


More than 100 people are suing a San Francisco fertility clinic for losing thousands of frozen embryos and eggs earlier this month when a storage tank in the facility malfunctioned

The lawsuit against the Pacific Fertility Center is for $5 million. The Bauer family, who filed the lawsuit, has been trying to conceive a child for more than three years. They are suing Pacific Fertility Center for negligence, emotional damages, and breach of contract.

The Bauers paid the clinic around $600 annually to store the samples, but what’s even more painful about their situation is that they were planning to use their frozen embryos in April of this year. Why exactly the storage tank malfunctioned is unclear, but what is known is that the samples it contained were ruined after the temperature within it dropped from minus 60 degrees to minus 80 degrees. Pacific Fertility Center released a statement, saying that the employees were “heartbroken” over the situation.

That apology appears to be falling on deaf ears, as the lawsuit noted that the Bauers feel as if “their dreams of having children together in the near future have been stolen from them.” Infertility can be an emotional and relationship testing ordeal in even the most regular of situations. Beyond that, processes like In Vitro Fertilization are already costly and uncertain, so adding this obstacle is just twisting the knife.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only example of this kind of tragedy befalling couples. According to The Daily Beasta plethora of couples sued an Ohio fertility clinic in early March, after the clinic in question lost close to 2,000 samples linked to more than 700 people.