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Teen Goes Viral With the Creative Costumes He Wears to Greet His Brother’s School Bus

This might be the most wholesome way anyone's ever gained viral fame.

Facebook/The Bus Brother

Noah Tingle just started his senior year of high school in Central, Louisiana. He’s headed to college next year, which means his days living at home with his 12-year-old brother Max are numbered. Noah decided he wanted to make the most of their time together, so he started a new tradition that’s getting a lot of attention online.

Since school started in August, Noah has been waiting in front of their house for Max to arrive home on the school bus. When he’s dropped off every, Max finds his brother standing in a different ridiculous costume. So far Noah has dressed as Santa Claus, Chewbacca, Batman, Waldo, a Minion, and 15 other costumes.

“At first I was surprised and kind of embarassed, but now I’m just used to it,” Max told WBRZ.

And that’s what Noah initially intended. But as time went on, it seems that the daily routine is something both brothers look forward to, recognizing that they soon won’t be able to see each other every day.

“Knowing I’m going to college next year and won’t see him on a daily basis, I thought this would make things memorable and strengthen our bond as brothers,” Noah told USA Today of their new routine.

Noah and Max’s mom — who must be so proud — started filming the encounters and posting them to a Facebook page, The Bus Brother, that now has nearly 15,000 likes on the platform.

Most of the videos show pretty standard hugs and greetings, but there’s also one with some classic brother-on-brother roughhousing.

Some of his fans have donated costumes to Noah so that he’s able to keep surprising his brother every day after school.

But sadly, the tradition will likely come to an end — or at least enter a hiatus — in the fall. Noah is a basketball player at Central High, and his season starts in November, which means lots of after-school practices that mean he won’t be able to greet his brother after school. Luckily, they’ve already made some memories that should last a long time.