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Burt and Ernie Nail This ‘90s Rap Classic on ‘Sesame Street’

Too fresh for Bel Air, they had to keep it on Sesame Street.

Hilarious dad Will Smith has challengers to the Fresh Prince throne, and they are two muppets named Bert and Ernie. Monday night, in a move that will reawaken your nostalgia for the 90s, the Sesame Street pair released a parody version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s rap theme song detailing how the two first met, and they nailed it.

The video starts off with Bert and Ernie sitting in identical thrones surrounded by colorful 90’s style graffiti art. “Now this is a song all about how my life got flipped and turned up eyebrow,” Bert begins right before his throne starts to literally spin upside down, a direct reference to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s opening video sequence. But instead of playing it cool like the Will Smith character, Bert panics and screams for help from Ernie.

Then after he’s able to calm down, Bert relays the origin story of his friendship with Ernie and his early life on Sesame Street where he was, “born and raised, learning letters, numbers — Singing Sunny Days.”

The rap continues, following Bert as he moves out of his childhood home and practices the lessons his mother taught him namely, “Keep your head up, be kind, and you’ll find your way!” With those words of kindness in mind, he meets Ernie who can’t hear his initial greeting because, naturally, he has a banana in his ear.

The rap not only pays homage to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the NBC show largely responsible for catapulting Will Smith to stardom but also sheds light on how the famous Sesame Street roommates actually met. For years there was speculation surrounding the duo’s relationship, including questions about their sexuality, but now that this rap has been released the mystery has largely been solved. The only question now is, will they release more raps? Because that would be awesome.