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This Valentine’s Day, Burger King’s Adult Meals Come With A Sexy Toy

When you think about dazzling your wife this Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Fancy dinner? Candies? Jewelry? Well, whether diamonds are your girl’s best friend or she’s a connoisseur of all things chocolate, you can probably say one thing for sure: Taking her to Burger King on the most romantic day of the year would probably guarantee you a one-way ticket to the doghouse. But hey, some lovers just want to share a whopper. And that’s why Burger King Israel is turning up the flame broilers by offering a sexy surprise in their meals this Valentine’s Day.

Yes, you read that right. This Valentine’s Day only, Burger Kings all across the Land of Milk and Honey will be dishing out extra sexy “Adult Meals”. They include 2 whoppers, 2 fries, 2 beers, and one adult toy that should be nowhere near your kid. You probably like your adult toys R-rated and battery-powered, so you may be disappointed to find those included are little less risque: a pink satin eye mask, feather duster (Ooh La La!), and head massager. Is a head massage erotic? The meals will be available after 6 PM, so couples can enjoy a night of fast food with a side order of passion. Talk about having it your way.

Unfortunately for you the Burger Kings of America have failed to follow their Israeli counterparts’ lead, so you’ll have to think of a different way to spice up your love life . But if you’re still determined to make fast food a part of your evening of romance, you can always reserve a candle-lit dinner at your local White Castle. Your wife won’t be thrilled, but at least you’ll be enjoying a burger so good that stoners travel hundreds of miles to scarf one down. And who knows? Maybe by next Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to swing through a Burger King drive-thru and grab your wife something special.