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Build-a-Bear Psyduck Is the Weirdo Pokémon Stuffed Animal of Our Dreams

The beloved weirdo finally gets the stuffed animal he deserves.

To celebrate the impending release of Detective Pikachu, the Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing a plush version of one of the weirdest, cutest Pokémon of all time, Psyduck.

Psyduck is a yellow, bipedal, platypus-like creature who experiences crippling headaches that give it psychic powers in episodes he then can’t remember. Yeah, it’s weird.

But there’s something about Psyduck that endearing. It might be the way he waddles around with his short arms outstretched, the tiny pupils that make him look perpetually spaced out, or the way he clutches his head when he’s about to unleash some psychic energy. Whatever it is, Psyduck’s addition to the Build-A-Bear Pokémon line is good news.

Along with Snubbull, a dour pink bulldog-like creature, Psyduck is joining a group of beloved Pokémon including Meowth, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and Pikachu as part of the Build-A-Bear line of stuffed animals.

Psyduck is available as part of a bundle with some much-needed accessories: a raincoat, luxury ball hoodie, and exclusive Pokémon trading card. The bundle also includes an embedded sound module that allows Psyduck to make six different noises, all different versions of the Psyduck saying his own name, Hodor-style.

The bundle will run you $65, but you can get a naked version of the 13-inch toy for $32 and choose the accessories you’d like to include (but seriously, don’t miss out on that raincoat).

Psyduck and Snubbull are available as online exclusives starting today. And while we didn’t wake up thinking we’d consider buying a psychic platypus, Psyduck, through his mental powers or sheer cuteness, is having that effect on us.